Upcoming Webinars

Transformation & Sustainability - Vietnam Solar Market Forecast

13th April

2:00PM, Vietnam Time

– Potential, status quo and forecast of solar energy development in Vietnam;
– Growth prediction of Vietnam solar energy: Ground-mounted vs. floating vs. rooftop solar;
– DPPA, Corporate PPA and auction mechanism incentivization for solar energy development after 2021;
– Key obstacles to overcome: grid issues, investment environment, bankability and insurability, competitiveness, curtailment, etc.
– How shall master-plan approved ground-mounted solar project proceed?
– Solar Inverter requirements (variety of requirements to meet the flexible demands of ground-mounted projects), advanced application solutions, etc.

Making Decarbonization a Reality with Solar: Vietnam Solar Forecast to 2030 and Vision to 2045

20th April

2:00PM, Vietnam Time

  • PDP 8 forecast and prediction for the next round solar incentives-
  • Which technique will dominate the growth of Vietnam Solar Market in the coming years? Rooftop, ground-mounted, floating solar or solar+storage?
  • DPPA, Corporate PPA and auction mechanism incentivization
  • How to develop a healthier and more sustainable solar market in Vietnam?
  • Local and international collaboration: How to facilitate the collaboration and add value to the project development
  • The key challenges for the next round