During late 2019, a sudden outbreak of pandemic seemed to disrupt the development of companies across all sectors. Under the effect of COVID-19, companies around the world are facing issues such as supply chain disruptions, layoffs, and lacks of social networking and market exposure. Only webinar platform can still be attainable in such background and help all industrial players to have online discussion and get extensive information of industry and market in condensed time. Hence, Neoventure would like to establish an online platform for insights sharing and business connecting in this occasion with eyeing the Asia Pacific renewable energy development.

Neoventure’s webinar record

  • Vietnam_Rooftop Solar Masterclass Episode 1: Greenfield Development for Rooftop Solar Projects in Vietnam: Feasibility, Permit
  • Vietnam_Rooftop Solar Masterclass Episode 2: Financing Rooftop Projects in Vietnam
  • Vietnam_Rooftop Solar Masterclass Episode 3-1: What you Need to Know about Construction and Installation of RTS Projects – EPC Contracts
  • Vietnam_Rooftop Solar Masterclass Episode 3-2: What you Need to Know about Construction and Installation of RTS Projects
  • Vietnam_Rooftop Solar Masterclass Episode 4-1: Insurance Solutions to Mitigate Risks for RTS Financing/Refinancing in Vietnam
  • Vietnam_Rooftop Solar Masterclass Episode 4-2: RTS Refinancing in Vietnam
  • Go for the 600W+ Era: Solar Future Forecast and State-of-art Technology Display in Vietnam
  • ASEAN Rooftop Solar Market – Growth, Trend and Forecast
  • Solar Talks Seris 1: Scaling up Rooftop Solar in Vietnam – Policy and Mechanism Interpretation, EPC Management, and State-of-the-art Technology Showcase
  • Solar Talks Seris 2: Rooftop Solar Promotion in Vietnam – Analysis of Business Models and Market Trend, Guidelines for Inverter Selection and Installation
  • Solar Talks Seris 3: Unlocking Solar Power Potential in Myanmar – All You Need to Know about 1GW Myanmar Solar Tender, Market Trend, Project Development and Financing
  • Solar Talks Series 4: Outlook of the New Era if Vietnam Solar 2.0 under the “Black Swan” Event
  • Solar Talks Series 5: Solar Power Development Acceleration in Malaysia –1GW LSSPV Tender, Market Trend, and the Way to
    Apply Floating Solar Projects to the Whole Market
  • Solar Talks – Webinar Rooftop Solar Vietnam: Vietnam’s Rooftop Solar Landscape in 2020 – Market Updates, Future Forecast and Project Showcase