About Webinar


  • One of the greatest approaches that help all industrial players to understand the latest development in global renewable energy sector.
  • The well-chosen network platform opportunities by Neoventure will attract a large number of market participants in renewable energy sector.
  • A good chance that Neoventure will assist you in expanding your business pipeline quickly and effectively.

Target Your Audience with Neoventure Database

Online Exposure

50K+ Target Audience in database:
Asia Pacific
North America

Social Media Subscribers - Social Media: FB Group 78K+; Zalo Group 600+; Linkedin 3K+subscribers of high-quality industrial players - EB Database: 50K+ in Total; 1.5K+ for Vietnam Local

Targeting Vietnam as core market, with database that can cover more than 90% local developers, rooftop owners, EPCs and distributors.


During late 2019, a sudden outbreak of pandemic seemed to disrupt the development of companies across all sectors. Under the effect of COVID-19, companies around the world are facing issues such as supply chain disruptions, layoffs, and lacks of social networking and market exposure. Only webinar platform can still be attainable in such background and help all industrial players to have online discussion and get extensive information of industry and market in condensed time. Hence, Neoventure would like to establish an online platform for insights sharing and business connecting in this occasion with eyeing the Asia Pacific renewable energy development.


One of the best ways to tell the story of your brand

  • Neoventure will hold webinars by using the combination of market contents presentation and product demonstrations to share with all attendees, ensuring and realizing soft advertisements effects, which make a better impression of your company’s products.

Extremely effective lead generators

  • Neoventure will provide huge database, powerful market channels/platforms, impressions and others which mainly focus on Asia Pacific markets, prospects that are interested to sign up for our webinars, which immediately converts them into our and your lead database. Effective follow-up surveys/reports after the webinar can guarantee that there highly qualified leads are passed on to the right channels.

Easy to scale as you can reach large numbers of people at once

  • Neoventure has already held several webinars around Vietnam solar market. Every webinar almost 120-250 registered customers who are involved in the solar industry. Neoventure will help you collect relevant attendees no matter how busy they are or their physical location.


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