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Episode 1

Topic: Greenfield Development for Rooftop Solar Project in Vietnam: Feasibility, Permit

Speaker: Mr. Borries Plass, Chief Operating Officer, Shire Oak International

Summary: We went in details on “Rooftop Solar Feasibility Study, and Local RTS Permitting”. Mainly focused on introduction of pre-requisites for developing RTS projects, like technical feasibility study, etc. Besides, we analyzed main permits and approvals required for RTS projects in Vietnam.

Episode 2

Topic: Financing Rooftop Projects in Vietnam


  – Mr. Gavin Adda, CEO, Total Solar Distributed Generation
  – Mr. Nguyen Tran Kien,
Director of Multinational Corporation Center – Corporate Banking Division, VietinBank
  – Mr. Daniel Mallo,
Managing Director – Head of Natural Resources & Infrastructure, Asia Pacific, Société Générale

Summary: We went in details on “Rooftop Solar Finance Options”, mainly focused on inter-pretation of different financing methods for RTS develop-ment, and analysis of each structure, drivers, barriers and risks, and how to overcome financial bottlenecks faced in RTS development processes. What’s more, speakers introduced different qualifications orrequests (Local banks, international banks) for investors’ RTS projectsfinancing, and how to apply them into your RTS projects in Vietnam.

Episode 3-1

Topic: What you Need to Know about Construction and Installation of RTS Projects – EPC Contracts

Speaker: Mr. Le Tien Dat, Managing Partner, Apolat Legal

Summary: We went in details on “Rooftop Solar Construction and Installation”, and mainly focused on introduction of different EPC contracts and how to choose the right engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) or installation partners to green out Vietnam’s RTS growth path? On the other hand, speakers analyzed taxation of the EPC, which taxes apply to the payments the RTS Project company makes to the EPC provider? 

Episode 3-2

Topic: What you Need to Know about Construction and Installation of RTS Projects

Speaker: Mr. Zhenhua Wan, General Manager of Technical Solution, GCL System Integration Technology Co.,Ltd

Summary: Episode 3-2 will go in detail on “Rooftop Solar Construction and Installation”. On the one hand, the speaker will discuss problems that may be faced in the construction of rooftop solar projects in Vietnam, what matters should be paid attention to, as well as avoiding risks, or solving them more efficiently. On the other hand, the speaker will show the differences in EPC contracts compared with Vietnam and overseas.

Episode 4-1

Topic: Insurance Solutions to Mitigate Risks for RTS Financing/Refinancing in Vietnam

Speaker: Mr. Thai Pham, Senior Engineering Underwriter, Vice President, Property & Specialty Swiss Re Asia Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Summary: How to develop a whole Rooftop Solar Project in Vietnam? These series of webinars will introduce every process/step from site selection, project design, finance, construction to re-finance, O&M, and M&A to let you know the whole supply chain, raise your education and awareness, and how to develop a whole rooftop solar project in Vietnam.

Episode 4-2

Topic: RTS Refinancing in Vietnam

Speaker: Mr. Tran Hoai Phuong, Head of Commercial Banking Division, HDBank

Summary: • Definition of RTS refinance, and how to apply it in RTS project development, especially for RTB and COD project
• Ways of achieving refinance to reduce the financial risks and achieve O&M synergy
• The requirements from the financiers and how to make deals work
• Case Studies for RTS refinance in SEA countries and what are the preferred and applicable refinance methods in Vietnam?