A cost-effective way to tell the story of your brand is needed, which can effectively generate sales leads & promote your insights or technology

Before A Webinar

  • Neoventure will prepare a series and complete topics for each quarters. Exclusive sponsor of live webinar on topic area chosen by you from our preparations. (Customized topics can be achievable, but should be based on current agenda and manpower)
  • Marketing campaigns and social media exposure to capture leads
  • One Rehearsal Running for every speakers to quickly understand all webinar process including Q&A, polling contents and etc.

During A Webinar

  • Premium branding with your logo and short company description using in (1) rolling PPT 15 minutes in advance (2) during official webinar
  • Your products and cases will be mentioned by webinar speakers and our hosts with a certain contents output in a harmonious way
  • Live 15-20 minutes presentation (PPT/Video), polling, offline and online Q&A with industry leaders

After A Webinar

  • Featured sends of the webinar’s recording and feedback survey through email and social media routes
  • Detailed Sharing of attendee lists to sponsor companies